Josh and Veronica

"Josh and Veronica," 10" x 8", Graphite and Colored Pencil on Watercolor Paper

Josh and Veronica were recently engaged and plan to be married this summer. Naturally, this is a great portrait opportunity. The two poses came from two very different sources. Veronica’s upturned face is from a photograph where she is hugging Josh. The groom’s pose, on the other hand, is actually from a picture on facebook. My goal was to have both faces visible and keep that romantic aura.

The technique in this drawing was a little different. I utilized a lighter hand while shading the skin tones and background – this maintained that airy quality. Accents of black, such as Veronica’s sweater and their darker hair, help guide the eye around the image and maintain visual interest. Another engaging detail is that while the majority of the image is black and white graphite pencil, their eyes are in colored pencil.

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