“Tangled,” Colored and Graphite Pencil on Paper, 17″ x 20″

Disclaimer: I did not put a baby in a basket and cover it with rope. No child was endangered in the making of this drawing. This was not a commission. Instead, it was created for an art contest. The theme of the contest is “Stranger in a Strange Land: an exploration of alienation.”  It is meant to explore separation and disassociation.

Because this is an art contest with a very intense psychological topic, I decided to place my vulnerable subject in a disturbing situation. Babies are already perceived as helpless beings that rely on the care of their elders. Add to that discomfort of being held down by rope and the isolation of the blank surroundings – and you have a very disquieting image.

The technique in this drawing is rather loose and changeful. The child’s face is more generalized, there are no exact details. The use of line is soft – giving the androgynous figure a soft and hazy appearance. The only part of the baby that is detailed is its hand pulling the string away from its face. The outlines on the rope and the striped material are a bit crisper. These add the visual interest and sense of disorganization that keep the eye moving around the composition.


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