Monster and Tank

“Monster and Tank,” 9″ x 12″, Graphite Pencil on Paper

The portrait of Monster and Tank is a wedding anniversary present. Monster (the cat) and Tank (the dog) are busy bodies, so getting them both in the same photo was not a possibility. Instead, several seperate pictures were used to create this single composition.

Monster is the more aggressive of  the two, which is why he is in the forefront fully facing the viewer. A survivor, he was found abandoned on the road side. His striking eyes and unique fur pattern were an absolute joy to portray. Tank lives up to his namesake as a force that is always on the go, although he is a bit more passive than Monster. As such, he his shown in the background with more of his body showing, giving him a sense of motion. With each subject, I adjusted the pencil markings to depict their various fur textures.


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