Sleeping Cupid Sketch

Sketch of Caravaggio’s “Sleeping Cupid”

One of the best ways to study art is to look at the old masters. Take Caravaggio for example. His adept ability to illustrate light and shadow, mixed with his no-holds-barred approach to emotions and gore (see “Judith Beheading Holofernes”), has produced some fantastic artworks. This sketch is based on his painting of “Sleeping Cupid.”

Caravaggio was a true artistic rebel and had a very sordid life. He was forced to leave his home in Milan for fighting with the police. One of his works was rejected as too radical for using a prostitute as his model for the Madonna – he also showed her dirty legs and feet, which was a big “no no” in the early 17th century. Later on, Caravaggio became an outlaw wanted for murder and died under mysterious circumstances. Luckily for us, throughout his troubled years he managed to produce some fantastic works of art that we can still admire today.


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