Sketch of Dancers

Sketch of Dancers

Dancers are the epitome of grace. And drawing a dancer in motion is the epitome of frustration. They are figures in almost constant motion and require an artist to look and draw quickly to capture their gesture and elegance.

One famous artist who has a wide variety of dancers in his drawing portfolio is Henri de Toulouse Lautrec.  During the Post-Impressionist period (the late 1800’s), Lautrec was known for living a bohemian lifestyle. Many of his evenings were spent at the Moulin Rouge cabaret where he drew posters of the singers, scandalous dancers (Google the gluttonous “La Goulue” and her Can-Can dance), and behind the scenes of the many shows he attended. With his mixture of quick brushstrokes and delicate details, Lautrec was able to capture the instant of a dancer in motion, a sense of the music guiding her, and the transient nature of the moment.


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