My Work, My Art, My Life

"The Art of Painting", Johannes Vermeer, c. 1666

“The Art of Painting”, Johannes Vermeer, c. 1666

There is no new sketch or reveal today, as I plug away at the current commission and fend off the holiday madness. Some people might see this as a time of frustration – scrambling about, trying to tackle the “to-do” list and casting furtive glances at the clock and dreading the inevitable holiday bills. But I find this time exhilarating and feel so lucky to have a passion that I can pursue and share with others.

To work at something you love is to know happiness. Suddenly concepts like money and time wither in significance to ideas of inspiration and accomplishment. I adore the challenge of the blank white paper staring at me right before I start a new drawing. I cherish that gentle scraping noise of the pencil as it scratches out a different composition. And I savor the terrible suspense of delivering a completed work to a customer, hoping they admire it and that it exceeds their expectations.

This is my work. This is my art. This is my life.


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