An Evolution in Figure Drawing

fig draw 1

When figure drawing, I must first loosen up! That means quick, whimsical figure studies that are completed in less than a minute. There is no time to measure, consider strict rules of anatomy, or erase. It is a series of moments when the model moves and the artist simply attempts to grasp the idea of a pose.

fig draw 2

Next the poses are held by the model for five minutes. Still the artist must move quickly, capture the idea of the model’s gesture. But now there is an opportunity to create some sense of mass.  At this point, I start to use pencil instead of marker, so I can shade in the image.

fig draw 3fig draw 4

Finally the poses are 25 minutes, and the artist can draw at a more leisurely pase. At this point in time, the artist is (usually) in their drawing groove, has a sense of the model’s particular proportions, and can attempt to create a more detailed study.


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