Pencil Portrait Testimonials

I added a testimonial page!

Lots of people only see the finished drawing and may think “hmm that’s a nice portrait.” What they don’t experience are the conversations I have with my customers, trying to learn about the subject’s personality and character. Many don’t see the dreaded first day when there is nothing but a blank piece of paper, daring me to draw that first line. Nor do they experience the numerous mornings, days, and/or nights when I am hunched over the drawing table (probably going to have back problems later in life). These hours can be extremely enjoyable when the drawing is going well. But just like any job, there are also bad days – when the pencils refuse to obey my hand, the paper is unresponsive to my insistent persuasion, and the muse of creativity has run off to bum a smoke from the muse of chocolate pastries down the street and is now calling me to join her over there instead.

So, when someone sends a quick thank you or takes the time to write a testimonial about how much they like my work…’s greatly appreciated.

Sketch of "Cupid Sleeping", based on painting by Caravaggio

Sketch of “Cupid Sleeping”, based on painting by Caravaggio

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