New Portrait Artist Statement

If you haven’t seen it  yet, check out my new artist statement! You can review some of my artistic background HERE

ALM Drawing_resized

Artist Statement:

Studying the old art masters started it. From the beginning the idea of transforming a blank piece of paper into a memento of an individual person or creature has struck me as magical. Classic portraits still mystify us with a sense of the sitter’s personality and as a tantalizing reminder of the lives they lived. What better way to celebrate the complexity of nature and life, than by replicating it through art?

In each drawing, my methodology is consistent.  I start by studying the individual features of the main subject and wondering about their lives. Every idiosyncrasy is a story. Next I study their physical features and slowly develop a drawing that mimics the original. Though I work deliberately, consciously employing the traditional techniques utilized by master draftsmen, there is a very strong emotional appeal to each project.

My pencil drawings fill me with a sense of achievement and integrity. Each new project challenges and inspires me to develop as an artist. Every drawing is an opportunity to learn about another personality, another distinct face, another singular life. Hopefully, my work will speak for itself and bring joy and fond memories for years to come.

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