Now Offering: Portrait Lockets!

locket sample
(simulated image)

Now you can carry a fine art portrait wherever you go!

Whenever you commission a portrait, you may order a replica imprinted into a silver locket!

Perfect for weddings, birthdays, holidays, engagements, baby showers, any special occasion, or a personal keepsake!

Oval Locket

Sterling Silver Oval Locket

1/2″ x 5/8″ , $84.99 (with 1 image)

Heart Locket

Sterling Silver Heart Locket

3/4″ x 3/4″, $84.99 (with 1 image)

Dog Tag Locket

Sterling Silver Dog Tag Locket

1″ x 1 1/4″, $99.95 (with 1 image)

~ With your order, the image will be imprinted permanently in full color, complete detail and highest quality.

~ Lockets all come with clear protective coverings for the photo on the inside.

~ All Sterling Silver is protected with a tarnish resistance to help it last for years

~ You may order your locket anytime while I am creating your fine art portrait or after the drawing has been completed

“…the miniature, the little picture that could be covered by a kiss or hidden in the palm of the hand had an intimate and personal quality, it was a pledge of affection, often a gauge of stolen joys; it could be carried by the exiled in never so hurried a flight, could be concealed in the lid of a comfit case…”
–Scribner’s Magazine, February 1897
(Note: Because every neck and personal style is different, lockets do not come with chains)

For More Information, see Locket Details and Pricing

To Place Your Order, fill out The Portrait Order Form

Have questions? Contact Me


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