Ordering a Pencil Portrait – Timing

Custom pencil portraits take time – generally up to 4 to 5 weeks. And there is usually a waiting list. This is when planning ahead really pays off.

But what do you do if that special occasion is NEXT WEEK or even TOMORROW?

Simple – You place the order ASAP! Then send me a message requesting an Order Certificate. I will email you  a special certificate that explains a one-of-a-kind order has just been placed! You may print and hand out this certificate in lieu of the drawing.

Now you have a fantastic work of fine art on the way, something tangible to hand out on that special day, and you (the master planner that you are) just created a ton of magnificent suspense! You just gave them the delight and eager joy of knowing you are giving them something truly special and unique – just like them.

Order Certificate:

Order confirmation certification

Want a fantastic drawing but you’re on a budget? Order a fine art print! You can have a print framed and shipped out in 3 business days.

NOTICE: Orders are now booked through September! If you would like a drawing by OCTOBER, please contact me today! Thank you!


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