Arcimboldo – Autumn Portrait

Giuseppe Arcimboldo "Autumn" 1573

Giuseppe Arcimboldo “Autumn” 1573

Driving home the other day, I saw a local farmer lining up pumpkins and gourds near the road for passersby. My immediate thought was of Giuseppe Arcimboldo – an Italian artist who had a very unique style. All of the portraits he painted were created with objects such as fruits and vegetables.

From afar, the portraits look fairly normal. But up close, you will see a wide array of vegetation brought together to create a most unique visage. Every face was the fruit of his imagination (pun intended).

Art critics have argued whether his artwork is whimsical or the result of a deranged mind. Either way, his portraits served as an inspiration 300 years later for surrealist artists like Salvador Dali.

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