The Fastest Way to Bring Fine Art into Your Home! Introducing: Noses N’ Poses



During my last show, the one comment I heard over and over was that you wanted MORE: 

More reproductions of the pencil drawings, more access to art you could easily order, more products that carried images of these works of art.

The demand for more was quickly followed by the demand for LESS: 

Less time waiting for a work of art and less cost for people who love art but have a strict budget.

After several weeks of scratching my head and wondering how I could meet the cries for both more and less, I decided to open this store on Zazzle. (Seriously, I loved all the feedback from the last show, but was really nervous about finding the best solution to help you bring home new art.)


Click Here for Products with Dogs in Color


Click Here for Products with Black and White Cats


Click Here for Black and White Dogs

Here’s how it works: My art will now be placed on a variety of beautiful products on Zazzle. Whether this is for the home, office, school, yourself, or someone else – there is a 100% satisfaction guarantee (thanks to awesome Zazzle customer service). Just click on the product you want to order and Zazzle will send it to your front door!

The store Noses N’ Poses is separated into different design categories (click on the icons above to visit each category). These categories will grow in size and variety as the store grows. Noses N’ Poses is a massive project that’s still in a very early phase – please provide feed back and suggestions so I can give you the best possible experience!


Remember this store will constantly be growing! Check back for more designs and items. And if you have ANY suggestions on how I can improve Noses N’ Poses, please let me know!



So reproductions are fine and dandy, but you want an original work of art? Visit the galleries:

Pet Gallery    Children Gallery    Family Gallery     Wedding Gallery

Could you have a fine art pencil portrait made just for you? Of course!

Order a customer portrait today!






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