A Quick and Easy Way to Get All the Artsy News

The other day I was catching up with a dear friend over the phone. We started with the typical “Oh my gosh I haven’t seen you on months! What have you been up to?”

When it was my turn to answer, I talked about my recent solo show Wet Noses, Cute Poses. Then I exclaimed over some other local art shows that I visited, some drawings that were added to my pet portrait gallery, a great local photographer who helped me at a recent event, and my new online store Noses N’ Poses.

Then there was a long awkward silence… “Why didn’t you tell me?!” My friend exclaimed.

It hadn’t occurred to me until that moment that she might like to know about all of these shows, new artists, and artsy events. Sure I was telling her now, but these things had happened weeks, some even months, ago. She wanted to know BEFORE shows started and she wanted all the latest artsy news QUICKLY.

At this point, I was a bit flustered. Well, er….I put stuff on my blog, Facebook, and Twitter….don’t you check on those? Of course my friend is a busy woman with a career, children, and a hectic social life – so no, she did not have time to check back on my blog and scroll through past posts for artsy news.

“Why didn’t you text or email me?” was her next question. That was when I got an idea. How about a newsletter? Something I put together every now and then to let her (and others) know about upcoming shows and recent artsy news – and she wouldn’t have to look past her own inbox!

Whew! Problem solved! And now, without further ado……….

Newsletter Signup Ad




Don’t want to wait for the newsletter? No worries, you can shop for fine art right now!

For original art work visit the Pet Gallery!

For fine art on a variety of home and office supplies, visit the online store Noses N’ Poses!

My current favorite item from the store is this chic little keepsake box:

White Cat on Keepsake Box

White Cat on Keepsake Box

White Cat on Keepsake Box (Inside view)

White Cat on Keepsake Box (Inside view)



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