The Father Check List…

Father's Day

Father’s Day is June 15, and that got me thinking…

Not being a Father myself, I wondered what’s the general “check list” for being a great Dad. While I could sit and ponder this question, I decided to be a true product of my generation and just use WikiHow. (Hey, it helped me write high school papers – why not help with this post?)

Dad are you reading this? Look, I’m doing a TON of great research here 🙂

According to the Wiki How check list a Father should:

1. Make time for your kids. (Dad, is this like when when you had to take the time to tell me to stop jumping on the bed? Because you seemed to commit a lot of time to that.)

2. Be there for your kid’s milestones. (Dad, remember when I lit that HUGE campfire and almost burnt down the tent? That was a pretty awesome milestone, right?)

3. Help teach your kids important life lessons. (Ketchup can go on anything.)

4. Communicate with your kids. (Dad, you strongly communicated the word “No”…, a lot. Seriously, before I even finished some sentences.)

5. Plan trips with your kids – big or small. (Hey Dad, are we there yet? Are we there yet? Are we there yet?)

6. Make time for yourself. (…..ummm……Dad I think you skipped this step.)

Well, if we go by this list Dad, you you can check 1 through 5 no problem! And while there may have been some messes, skirmishes, and mishaps along the way – I’d say you are pretty fantastic. (And thanks for not grounding me when I almost burnt down the tent.)


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