Bring Fine Art Into Your Life (Without Breaking the Bank)


This store was created to help customers who wanted copies of my work, but didn’t have a budget for a customer portrait order.

Since then, the store has begun to take on a life of its own and now has over 300 products. There are always new fun items that I want to add! For me, visiting Noses ‘N’ Poses has become and adventure, where I can explore new ways to share my drawings. Every time I add to the store, I am surprised how many people use these little treasures to add a dash of art in their lives or as the perfect gift for someone they love.

But it has also been a fascinating new obstacle course! Maneuvering all these new digital versions of my work, figuring out placement of images, and setting up the very basics is an adventure. Thank you to everyone who patiently tolerates my fumbling and still send words of encouragement!

 4 of the new pencil drawings that have begun spreading on objects around my store include:

All of these designs begin as original pencil portraits. Created by hand in my art studio, these fine art drawings reflect on the beauty, humor, and majesty of our animal companions. If you would like to order one of the original works of art, visit the Gallery for availability.



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