Art History Pencil Portrait: Sneak Peek

Maybe you saw the post last week  – that the studio had such a large drawing order, I needed a new wall easel. (If you haven’t seen the awesome video showing it’s installation click HERE.)

The large order is a pencil portrait of Bernini’s “David.”  I have done wedding portraits, pet portraits, and family  portraits – but NEVER before have I created an art history portrait.

Here are some sneak peek photos of the work in progress:


This pencil portrait order is going to take up all my studio time until September. But it is such a wonderful idea and so much fun to draw! It has been an assortment of fantastic challenges: finding paper that is large enough, figuring out shipping, getting a new easel, and double checking measurements on such a large scale.

For me, this is one of the reasons why I started taking commissions. As an artist, just like any other profession, it can be easy to stagnate and fall into a rut. I knew that if I opened my art studio to customers they would inspire me to try new things and to grow as an artist.


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