Are you ready for the first art clue?


Art Scavenger Hunt: Clue #1 is for Will Smith

Will Smith, that smooth actor, has charmed his way out of the studio and is hiding around Rochester!

The first person to find him gets to take him home…well, the sketch. You get to take the sketch of him home.

He was last seen chatting it up on the testimonials page on this site.

When you solve the clue and drive to the drawing’s location, please ask the person at the front counter for the art. (Remember to be polite! 🙂 )

To prove your find and become eligible for the grand prize: Take a picture and send it to me on Facebook or email: 

UPDATE: Will Smith has been found! Special thanks to Pour Coffee for keeping this sketch safe and sound and participating in this year’s scavenger hunt! I’ll swing by this weekend for another delicious cup of coffee! 🙂


The object of the game is to find the missing art work using the clues provided

You must send me a picture of the drawing to prove that you found it – the picture can be sent to me via email or Facebook

The first person to find the missing sketch is allowed to keep it

People are allowed to work in teams to find the sketch, but there is only 1 drawing at each location

If people work as a team, they must decide on one person to be eligible for the additional surprise

If you need additional clues, you must wait 24 hours after the initial post before asking for more support

Any additional clues will be posted on the blog and Facebook for everyone to see

You will have to interact with strangers (shop owners/employees) – please be respectful and kind

Always stay safe and use healthy judgment when out and about on a scavenger hunt

All participants must be respectful towards other participants

No breaking any laws!


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