Inspired! Great Article on 8 Ways Art Improves Life!


I love reading articles about art! They inspire me create pencil portraits and also live a better life. But one article I read recently really impressed me.

“8 Ways Art Can Improve Your Life” – gave me a refreshing reminder of how pencil drawings can effect other people. Why it’s so important to have and share colored pencil art with others. My favorite on this list is number 8 🙂

1. LEARN – Art gets you out of your comfort-zone, it sits on your wall expecting attention and give you a chance to learn about an artist, an image and yourself.

2. PROVOKE – Not all art has to be scandalous to provoke an emotional response. Look at a work of art and figure out what it means to you or to somone you know.

3. HEAL – Art can be that positive object in your home that makes the whole space uplifting.

4. LOVE – Art can have that personal meaning that evokes the strongest emotions. Far more sentimental than your favorite pair of shoes, a work of art is a constant reminder of what matters most.

5. LISTEN – Looking at art is when you can pause, think and reflect.

6. CREATE – Let the art in your life inspire you to be creative in your whole lif.

7. ENQUIRE – Look closely at the details, become curious about the different textures and colors. Try looking at the same work of art in a different way – it will keep your mind sharp!

8. GIVE – Have you ever known the pleasure of giving a treasure to someone else? Giving art is an emotional investment! The gift of art is a unique and wonderful way to show someone you care for them.

You can read the entire article HERE

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“See Spot” 9″ x 12″, Graphite and Colored Pencil on Watercolor Paper, $80


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