New Pet Portrait: Bulldog with Sunflowers

I love drawing pets! They have so much personality and charm. But the last couple animal drawings seemed a little lonely. So I decided to try something different and give them some flowers!

Let’s be honest, everyone likes to get flowers.

This bulldog was a real treat to draw as pencil art! With his eager face and sparkling eyes, this composition was a great new colored pencil drawing challenge. The yellow and orange in the sunflower petals were a wonderful compliment to the dog’s fur. To really enhance the warm colors in the animal and plants in this pencil portrait, I made the vase and background a mix of cool blues and purples. This combo really helped the flowers pop. And since I was on a plant kick with this drawing, I included a frame of twigs around the entire image – giving this pet portrait a nice complete composition.

"Bulldog with Sunflowers" 8" x 10" Colored Pencil on Drawing Paper, $80

“Bulldog with Sunflowers” 8″ x 10″ Colored Pencil on Drawing Paper, $80

The Artistry by Lisa Marie logo is not a part of the image – it is simply a watermark.

Contact Me to Buy This Drawing Now!

Drawings come matted AND with a certificate of authenticity

Maybe you want a custom portrait, created just for you or a loved one! Contact me today to receive a pencil portrait by this Winter!



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Black Dog Pillow

Black Dog Pillow


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