Relax and Buy Art from Home Tomorrow

 black friday sale

Let’s be honest, Black Friday is freaky hectic.

The Black Friday sales on this site tomorrow are for all you home loungers. The people who want to find the perfect present…while sitting in your cozy home.

All the driving around, the waiting in long lines, the mad dash in front of the angry crowd of shoppers. Frankly, I prefer online shopping from the comfort of my living room (possibly while I am in my favorite leisure outfit and drinking hot chocolate).

Holiday shopping should be about finding something unique and beautiful to give to someone you love. Not honing your close-quarter-combat skills to get that last item on the top shelf.

Tomorrow morning, just roll out of bed, sip a hot cup of coffee, and stop by this site to order original animal drawings for your friends, your family (and even yourself).

Just remember, orders are first come first serve. And since every drawing is one-of-a-kind, when it sells, it’s gone.

Here is a sneak peek of the art going on sale tomorrow (save BIG on select artwork TOMORROW):

black friday image


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