4 Ways to Give Beautiful and Artsy Stocking Stuffers


Little things leave a big impression! But so often, stocking stuffers are considered to be empty filler. They are the after-thought presents that you quickly grab in the checkout aisle. When you receive them, they are usually the first thing to get placed aside. It’s nothing personal. It’s just that they are usually…well…just stuffers.

This year I decided to put a little more thought into those little presents, create a list of what can transform these little gifts into a big deal:

1. Make is personal. Think about what they love, what they do, what they wear, where they go. Don’t just toss in random tic tacs! Instead, try to find a little trinket or do-dad that compliments who they are.

2. Go with a theme. Your partner LOVES classic black and white! That’s their style, their signature combo. So make buy all black and white stocking stuffers! Creating a theme automatically kicks up your gift-giving game.

3. Be unique.  In fact, this is the perfect time to break the present mold, be silly. Since stocking stuffers are generally small, you can splurge and order something personalized online (stickers with their name on it, cards with their favorite saying, a poster that includes a word that defines them, etc.)

4. Quality over quantity. So you have one fantastic stocking stuffer idea. That’s perfect! You don’t need to toss in a pile of nic-nacs! Just go with that one thing, that shows how much you care. That one little thing may be the one present that they remember for years to some.

Here are some fantastic little gifts from Noses N’ Poses

How to customize a product…



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