Dog Drawing of Spaniel: Now Available Online!


This pencil drawing of a springer spaniel is ready and waiting at Noses ‘N’ Poses!

The holidays can be a hectic time of year and little things like stocking stuffers can easily be forgotten until the last minute. That’s where Noses ‘N’ Poses can help you!

A great stocking stuffer is something unique and heartfelt. Gone are the days of bland socks and mediocre ties. Now you can go online and scroll through the numerous items with these artsy designs featuring man’s best friend. You can customize each item to add little messages and names – guaranteeing that your little keepsake present is memorable and charming. Plus, you can be sure with these pencil drawings your gift will appeal to the dog lover and art lover in your life.

Want more ideas for beautiful and artsy stocking stuffers? Click HERE to read the 4 ways you can make your little gifts stand out this season!

Maybe you want a custom portrait, created just for you or a loved one! Contact me today to receive a pencil portrait by March 2015!



Looking for something a little different? Visit the Noses N’ Poses Store!

Today at the store I am in love with this Black Dog Pillow – because that is one chic couch accessory:

Black Dog Pillow

Black Dog Pillow


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