Artsy sources concerned about local artist being too productive…


We all know that the stereotypical artist is supposed to be a relaxed laze-about sort of individual who follows their whimsical inspiration wherever the muse should lead. Sadly, the artist at the Artistry by Lisa Marie studio has lost her indolent ways.

Though she would prefer to sit dramatically in a large armchair, with a glass of red wine dangling from her fingers while listening to some deeply inspiring music…SHE JUST DOESN’T HAVE THE TIME.  Instead, this would-be-dawdler is desperately drawing to complete all her fantastic portrait commissions.

“It is really distressing,” says the artist “I love receiving all these portrait commissions, but when will I have time to lazily stare at a blank wall and babble to myself about the beauty of wasted time?” Lisa Marie would have said more but she was busy drawing with one hand, erasing with another hand and posting sneak peeks with another hand. Wait…how many hands was that?

Sources close to the artist are concerned. “Yes, she’s really not being as idle as she should be,” said one artsy source who requested not to be named. “I mean, before we could spend hours just pretending to be sloths. Now I have to sloth alone. It’s very sad.”

If this wonderful trend of productivity continues, friends and family closest to the pencil artist Lisa Marie say they will hold an intervention. “We’ll use force only if we have to,” exclaimed one family member. “We’ll pry that damn pencil out of her fingers only as a last resort. Naturally, we’d prefer she choose to just drop the pencil and walk away slowly. But we are fully prepared to bribe her with chocolate.”

We will keep you posted as this story unfolds.

In the meantime, the artist hastily asked that you readers enjoy the fruit of her hard work by perusing her portrait gallery and shopping at her online store Noses ‘N’ Poses.




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