Advice to Pet Owners Who Need Pet Portraits (5 Tips)

Goldie in GreenRoom

You made room for them in your heart and now you want to make room on the living room wall for a custom pet portrait. A unique work of art that will help you cherish your beloved four-legged companion.

But how do you choose a pet portrait artist? If you are like many people, this might be your first time ordering a work of art. Read through the list below for some quick tips on how to successfully order a new dog or cat drawing for yourself (or as a gift for the animal lover in your life).

  1. Take lots of photos. Portraits from photos are extremely convenient. You don’t have to worry about dragging your pet to a studio or waiting for an artist to come out to you. But remember that portrait artists rely on your photos to create accurate and expressive portraits of your fur baby.
  2. Tell the artist what you want. There are times in life when subtlety is appropriate, but buying a portrait is not one of them. The artist needs you to tell them what you expect in your new drawing. It is the best way to help the artist have a happy customer. If you want something large and colorful or a special background, then you need to make that clear right away.
  3. Look at their past artwork. Every artist has their own unique style. They will lean towards certain colors, use of lighting, drawing technique, etc. Go through the artist’s online gallery (they pretty much all have one) and make sure you like their work.
  4. Read the testimonials. OK, so maybe you found someone who can draw, but can they deliver a portrait that makes their customers happy? Read their testimonials to see if they consistently deliver what they promise. If the artist doesn’t have testimonials posted on their site, then send them an email requesting references.
  5. Give it time. You are ordering a custom made work of art. You want the artist to take the time they need to provide you the highest quality. So plan ahead a little when you place the order and ask about the estimated delivery time. You want an artist who will work quickly, but not sloppy.




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