DON’T READ THIS (unless you want something cute ‘n’ cuddly)

Gah! Avert your eyes! It’s a cute and cuddly puppy in a blanket! All wrapped up an ready to invade your home or be the perfect cute and cuddly present for some dog lover. Oh! The horror of those large puppy eyes! The grisly terror of those puppy paws!

(OK, so maybe he isn’t THAT ferocious. But a Labrador doggy can dream, can’t he?)

You can accessorize this ferocious pup with a ton of great items from the Noses ‘N’ Poses store online!


Want the original pencil drawing of this friendly Labrador puppy? This pet portrait is matted and ready for a forever home! Contact me today!

"Lab Puppy in Blanket" 5" x 7", Colored Pencil on Paper, $40

“Lab Puppy in Blanket” 5″ x 7″, Colored Pencil on Paper, $40


So maybe you have a furry friend you want to commemorate with a custom drawing? No problem! Order an original pencil portrait today!


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