What happens when wrinkles and cuteness collide? II Bulldog Puppy Drawing

"Bulldog Puppy with Blue Blanket" 5"x7", Colored Pencil on Paper, $60

“Bulldog Puppy with Blue Blanket” 5″x7″, Colored Pencil on Paper, $60


Click on the drawing above to contact me and order this adorable drawing today!

Who says wrinkles aren’t attractive?! This cute little bulldog puppy is proof that imperfection makes you irresistible (at least to anyone who likes puppies).

This pencil drawing is all about that pause, when a puppy playing with his favorite blanket needs a quick moment to catch his breath before getting back into action. The rumpled material is slightly draped over his rear end and folded haphazardly around the rest of his body. Sadly, I don’t think this blanket will survive much longer. But look at that intense, yet cute, look on the bulldog’s face! For him, play is serious business.

I used sweeping diagonal lined throughout his fur to add a sense of movement and energy in this cuddly pup. And the blue of the blanket and the background help his vibrant orange and brown fur stand out – making this a striking  composition.




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