Why Creative Ideas Are Like The Hunger Games


Why creative ideas are like the Hunger Games

Even if you didn’t read the book, most of you have seen the movie. You know the basic scenario. A bunch of children, full of youth and energy, are thrown together in an unpredictable environment and forced to fight to the death. To the victor goes the spoils.

This basic scenario is not unlike the creative ideas in your own mind. Maybe these are the thoughts you have for work, or in the way you will organize your home, or the approach you will take towards any particular problem. Each creative idea is fresh and full of zeal. But if you pursued all of them at the same time, you would not accomplish anything and your life would be chaos. Only one imaginative thought can win first place.

That is where the Hunger Games scenario comes into play. You have a group of inspired thoughts, each one has its own unique strengths and weaknesses. Each idea has some exceptional allure that makes it appealing. Let the games begin.

Your mind is the game dome and you are the Gamemaker. When the competition starts all the ideas are present, rushing forward to prove their worth or stealthily maneuvering around any glaring problems to ensure their survival. It is your job to throw obstacles at them all. Push them to their limit and beyond. Make them compete to prove their worth. Luckily your brain is the perfect game dome. It moves past the boundaries of reality and creates the most unlikely, the most terrible and the most marvelous scenarios you can imagine.

This is where you learn the true nature of your creative ideas. Some are too young and, though they are adorable and lovable, they just don’t have the experience to go on. Some are intellectually sound, but they lack the passion to endure. Others are just too ruthless, so overwhelming that they will burn out too quickly.

These battles within your mind might seem callous, but they have a point. By testing each inspired idea you will help ensure your success. In the office, the right choice can guide the way towards the next promotion. At home the winning thought might bring you happiness, an effective budget, a peaceful night’s sleep, the list goes on.

The important thing is to realize that it is okay to make these different ideas fight it out. Let your mind challenge them. In the safety of your mind you can test their chances for success and failure without the fear of repercussion. With each battle you bring yourself closer to an imaginative resolution and bring the odds ever in your favor.


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