5 Uses for Animals Drawings and Prints

1. The perfect gift. True story, you buy someone an original drawing of an animals it’s an instant hit! First, you just gave them something unique. Second, animal art is universally acceptable and can go with almost any décor. Third, ummmm it’s adorable, duh.

2. Save nurseries from mediocrity. Yes, we all know Winnie the Pooh. Break the new-parent mold and go for something different! Whether you opt for original art (start the art appreciation young!) or art prints – you are bringing fine art images into the play room.

Nursery Collage of Animal Art

3. Bring life to the living room. Sure, flowers and landscapes are nice. But bring some animals into the decorating mix and you have a whole new dynamic! They epitomize life, fun, movement, and personality!


4. Cherish fond memories. There’s a reason they’re called “furry companions”, “man’s best friend”, and “fur babies.” Just looking at a beautiful and adorable image can help ease the stress of daily life and remind you of your for-legged friend.

5. Create a family heirloom. Ok, this is more for the original drawings instead of the art prints. But think about it! You are investing in a one-of-a-kind work of art. Something you can had down through family for generations.



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