Summer Safety Tip: Use a Baggage Tag! ll Artsy Baggage Tags Make Travel Better

ArtsyLuggage TagsV2

Did you know that luggage tags are a super important accessory while traveling?

3 reasons to use a baggage tag:

1. Prevent luggage theft! Did you know that thieves will casually take bags off the luggage belt at the airport? Their prefer generic bags that easily blend in the crowd. Baggage tags will help your luggage stand out and be less likely to get grabbed.

2. Save time! After a long flight, the last thing you want to do is stand at that rotating belt staring at a sea of generic bags, wondering which one is yours. Use a unique tag to help you easily and quickly identify your bag.

3. Have fun! Who says traveling accessories have to be boring? Add a tag to bring a touch of color and personality to your luggage – because mediocrity is SO 2014.

Noses ‘N’ Poses – Luggage Tags


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