Wedding Portraits: Commemorate your special day in a special way!

Wedding season is in full swing! Whether you are about to be wed or have already taken the vows, you still need to commemorate your special day with something original and beautiful. I highly recommend, a pencil portrait!

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All it takes is a photo! Choose your favorite photo(s) from your special day and email them to me – I’ll do the rest! These original pencil drawings come in a variety of sizes to suite every home and budget. PLUS – every drawing comes matted and with a certificate of authenticity (proving it’s the real deal, just like your love).

If you are still scrambling to finalize all your wedding plans – make sure you tell friends and family that you want this as a wedding present! Hey, you already registered for new sheets and those pretty towels. Now it’s time to ask for something gorgeous that you will cherish for years.

Order your custom wedding portrait today! Review sizes and prices HERE!

“Hi my name is Dominick and I just wanted to give some praise to Lisa’s WONDERFUL work. My Girlfriend and I have been together for about 3 years now and I was getting ready to “pop the question.” It was going to be on Christmas Eve; her favorite day of the year. I know it’s a little cliché but it’s what makes her happy that counts. I was thinking about what else I could do besides dropping on my knee and asking. And I remembered Amber, my now fiancé always talking about how much she loved a certain picture of us. So I wanted to take that picture and almost bring it to life and relive the moment with her. I brought it to Lisa and asked what she could do. As you can see her ability to create such an amazing picture is phenomenal! I put it in a gift bag and hid it under the tree and when she pulled it out and started getting teary eyed, I dropped on bended knee and asked her to marry me. Lisa’s incredible work will always be a part of one of our happiest moments!”

Dominick, Albany NY

Wedding Collage



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