Order Original Drawings, Art Prints and Custom Portraits BEFORE the Holiday Madness

Fall is almost here and the order queue is filling fast! Remember, this is the time to start ordering your art for the holidays! Whether you want an original drawing, an art print, or a custom portrait there is something for every animal lover!

Original drawings can take up to 45business days to ship out and once they’re gone they are GONE. Art prints need to be printed first and then shipped in about 5 business days. And custom orders can take up to 4 weeks to complete before shipping!

So plan ahead and place your orders ASAP! (I cry an artistic tear of sorrow when I have to turn down orders closer to the holidays when the studio is completely booked.)

Wondering how you order a custom portrait? Check out the sizes and prices HERE and click the “Email Me” button with a photo of your pet(s)/friend(s)/family/wedding. All it takes is a photo 🙂

Want to see all the latest original art and fine art prints currently available? Visit my etsy shop HERE. See sample images below:


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