A Very Special Order ll Tinkerbell for a Sad Day ll Drawing for Urn


Grab a box of tissues, this one’s a tear jerker.

A father recently lost his young daughter and decided to have her cremated. He wanted an image of Tinkerbell (her favorite character) on her urn, but didn’t want just some photocopy print out. He wanted a drawing, just as unique as his little girl. So he found her favorite Tinkerbell sweater and sent me the image, asking if I could turn it into a drawing.

I very rarely draw a known cartoon character, but this was a special case for a very sad day. I take no credit in this drawing, it is not my design nor my idea. It is simply a gesture of condolences for a grieving father.

Special thanks to Rochester Cremation for helping this father find and urn that will hold a drawing.



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