Beautiful pet portraits are the new black


(Yes, New York Fashion week totally inspired this article. Go with it.)

When it comes to cherishing your beloved pet and bringing fresh life into any room – pet portraits are the new black. These classy fine art drawings and prints capture the unique beauty and personality of your furry companions. From the gleam of love in their eyes to the graceful (and playful) tilt of their head, these stunning portraits are drawn from your favorite photos to commemorate your best friend and bring fine art into your home.

Just like the little black dress, pet portraits can go anywhere. They are suitable for the home and office and are admired by all. They are the universally acceptable genre of art, illustrating the widely cherished animals that accompany us through life. Their charming features immediately endear themselves to viewers, add a splash of personality to any space and heighten the aesthetic appeal of any room.

Whether you want chic, lovable or playful, pet portraits are the universally acceptable form of art that best suits any setting and are the perfect gift.  

Go trendy or go home! These stylish art prints will keep you fashionable:


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