Gifts for Women ll Gift Guide for Women ll Holiday Shopping Made Easy


Listen up gentlemen! I know shopping for the ladies can be difficult sometimes. You want to get her something beautiful and unique. Something that will tug at her heart strings and make her smile. Your best bet? ART! It fits all the criteria for an ideal present PLUS it’ll be a great unexpected surprise. (Bonus points guys, we’re going for bonus points.)

So next you might be wondering “OK, art. But what kind of art? How do I choose?” No worries! I made a hand art buying guide for you! (Pssst, ladies, if you are reading this – share this guide with the men in your life. It’s a great not-so-subtle hint.)

Art buying Guide – 6 Fantastic Options:

1. Art Prints – Pick and choose the images that your lady will like. Art prints come in a variety of sizes (to suit every space and budget). Look around her room, does she favor bright colors – choose bright and colorful prints. Are her accessories more neutral coloring – go for prints with muted colors. Is she fun and funky? Surprise her with prints featuring fun doodles!

Sample Images

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2. Art Print Sets – Choosing prints that go together can be challenging. If you want shopping-made-easy then go for a print set! These images have been put together to compliment each other in style, coloring and composition. PLUS you can still choose from a variety of sizes to suit your space and budget. Sample images:

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3. Original Ready-to-Ship Drawings – Going for the wow factor? Have a lady-friend who loves animals and art? Order an original pencil drawing featuring animal art! Each original drawing comes matted and will ship out in 1-3 business days. These adorable and beautiful images are family friendly and can go in any home or office space. The perfect choice when you want to make her say “Awwwwwwwww, I love it!”

Sample images:

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4. Custom Pencil Portrait Art – OK ok ok, you want to get her something extra special. Something custom made just for her. Does she have a pet she loves? A favorite photo from your wedding day? A treasured photo of her child? Order a custom pencil portrait! These are great when you want your present to have that “Boom-shaka-laka-Oh-My-Gosh-You-Are-Amazing” effect. Check out portrait size options HERE. (WARNING: Custom orders are first come first serve. There is an art studio queue for holiday orders. So order your custom portrait ASAP!)

Sample images:

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5. Beautiful Art on Home and Office Accessories – Less face it, there’s only so much wall space in a house. Time to think outside the box and order a unique accessory that will razzle-dazzle every day! From wallets, to blankets, to pillows, to clothes to notebooks – the list goes on! PLUS – you can customize any item to add that heartfelt personal touch!

Sample Images:

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6. Downloadable Coloring Pages – Perfect for anyone young at heart who loves to be creative! Think outside the box and give them pages of beautiful art that they can color! The perfect stocking stuffer, these fun images are just $1!

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