The difference between drawing people and animals

The difference between drawing people and animals.

"These Three Ladies", Colored Pencil on Paper, 8"x10", SOLD

“These Three Ladies”, Colored Pencil on Paper, 8″x10″, SOLD

"Sitting Tabby Cat" 8"x10", Colored Pencil on Paper, SOLD

“Sitting Tabby Cat” 8″x10″, Colored Pencil on Paper, SOLD

People: When I draw a portrait of people (whether it’s a family portrait, or wedding gift, or any other type of present) so many ask me to “fix” something in their portrait. They want to be slightly younger or a bit thinner. They always want to change some part of their appearance.

Animals: But when I draw a pet portrait – they NEVER ask me to change a feature. Their quirky faces, occasional roll, or silly expressions are perfect! Individual imperfections make animals lovable, memorable.

Want to know a secret? When I deliver portraits of people, their loved ones ADORE the physical quirks I keep in my drawings. So often I hear “Oh good, she kept your tooth gap! I love that!” or “Do you know, this will look perfect next to the wedding photo taken 25 years ago!” or “I love your freckles! You’re perfect!”

Perhaps the takeaway is to love yourself the way you love your pet. Embrace your individuality the way your loved ones do.


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